In Praise of Shadows

Author: Junichiro Tanizaki
A new, illustrated, translation.

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In Praise of Shadows is the seminal collection of thoughts on Japanese aesthetics by one of Japan’s most important modern writers. It is both a historical work documenting a period when many in Japan grappled with the breakneck speed of Westernization, and a timeless celebration of the beauty and elegance of simplicity. This new translation brings us an essential work with clarity and an appreciation for Tanizaki’s wry humor and deep insight. Today, nearly a century removed from its first appearance, In Praise of Shadows offers a surprisingly contemporary lesson in the values of subtlety and restraint.

In a new translation by Gregory Starr, with a Foreword by internationally renown architect Kengo Kuma, featuring illustrations and photographs by Andrew Pothecary, and with an Afterword by Eve Zimmerman, a Japanese literature professor at Wellesley College.